Traditional Pysanky:

Halychyna and Zakarpattіa

Галичина та Закарпаття


Halychyna, often referred to in western books as “Galicia,” is the lowland region of western Ukraine south of Volyn.  The name has been used throughout history in many contexts, much as the name “Volyn” has, both as an ethnic and political descriptor.

Politically, is a historical region in East Central Europe, currently divided between Poland and Ukraine, named after Ukraіniаn city of Halych. The nucleus of historic Galicia is formed of three regions of western Ukraine: Lviv, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk. Throughout history the term has been used to denote widely varying territories and has various meaning among different groups. “Central Halychyna” (the origin of the pysanky shown above) would correspond to Opillia and Roztochіa ethnic areas.

Zakarpattya, or Transcarpathia, is the lowland region west of the Carpathian mountains, south оf the Lemko regions.  The inhabitants speak a dialect which includes words from Romanian and often use the phrase “yoh-yoh.” Their pysanky are fairly simple, similar to those of the Boyky and Lemky.

Галичина (включуючи Опілля та Розточчя): Halychyna/Galicia (including Opillia and Roztochіa)

Закарпаття: Transcarpathia

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Western Ukraine and Transcarpathia