Traditional Pysanky:

Hutsul Region



The Hutsuls are Ukrainian highlanders, and occupy the southeasternmost part of the Carpathian Mountains of Halychyna, Bukovyna, and Transcarpathia: the basins of the upper Prut River, upper Suceava River, upper Bystrytsia Nadvirnianska River, and upper Tysa River valleys. Except for eight settlements in Romania, the Hutsul region lies within the present-day borders of Ukraine.

The Hutsuls are not farmers–most make a living either in the forests, or via their handcrafts.  They are known throughout Ukraine for their fine pottery, woodwork, intricate embroideries and equally intricate pysanky.  According to the Encyclopedia of Ukraine:

“The pysanky of the Hutsuls are distinguished by their intricate designs and fine execution. In most, complex geometric ornamentation has dominated. Their strong and rich colors, color range, and combinations and complexity correspond to the ornamentation of the Hutsul wood carvings, metal art objects, and embroidery. The Hutsul region merits the name ‘land of the artists.’ It is not surprising that pysanka painting was most developed there.”

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