One of the most traditional pysanka designs is called Sorokoklyn or  “Forty Triangles.”  Oddly enough, there are actually 48 triangles, but no matter.  The sorokoklyn is not really a pattern as such, but a division of the pysanka.  The egg is divided longitudinally eight ways, and each of these wedges is divided into 6 triangles. 

Its original pagan symbolism has been lost, but it is now taken to symbolize of the forty days of Lent, the forty martyrs, the forty days that Christ spent in the desert, and the forty life tasks of married couples.  Instances of the number “40” occur very often in the Bible; some Bible scholars postulate that this is because “40” was used as a sort of shorthand for “very many.”

These are some examples from my collection of the “40 Triangles” designs for brown eggs.  Some are based on traditional designs, others I’ve made up myself. Very simple designs can give stunning results.

More sorokoklyn designs (and instructions for creating the “40 triangle” division) can be found here.



40 Triangles

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