Північна Буковина

Northern Bukovyna


In using the term “Northern Bukovyna,” Binyashevsky was referring to that part of Bukovyna which is now a part of Ukraine, in Chernivtsi oblast. 

Bukovyna was settled in its western, mountainous parts by ethnic Hutsuls who moved down from the highlands to the north. They brought with them their love of complex decorative design, and intricate pysanky. 

The pysanky on this page reflect Bukovynian pysanka design, with much hatchwork, but without the love of predominating orange and yellow seen in some Hutsul areas (e.g. Kosmach). The “Eight” division (top right) and the diagonal band (bottom right) are characteristic of Bukovynian pysanka design.

  Southern Bukovyna        Folio
  Southern Bukovyna        Folio

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