Краєзнавчий Музей

Bukovynian Pysanky 3


This set of pysanky are on display in the Krayeznavchyi (Local Lore) Museum of Chernivtsi, placed around icons in a separate display case from the others. There is no ethnographic information given nor any specific place of origin.  These are all traditional Bukovynian folk pysanky written in recent years. No further information as to provenance is given, although it may exist in museum records.

A few maliovanky (painted eggs) were included in this case.  These appear to have been quite popular in the post-WWII era, but are seen less frequently now.  

The photo quality is not the best as these photos were taken in low light at high ISO. They should be adequate for the purposes of recreating and thus preserving the designs. The numbering is purely for bookkeeping reasons, and reflects only the order in which I photographed the eggs and edited the photos.

  Bukovyna 2        Bukovyna 4
  Bukovyna 2        Bukovyna 4

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