Pattern Sheets

My Design Sheets:  These are step-by-step designs for making pysanky.  I use them for teaching classes, to give students design ideas and to help them understand how to plot eggs and how color sequences work. They are available in two formats: jpg and pdf (low and high resolution).  The linked files below are all PDF files, as they are the easiest to print out.

These patterns are fairly simple diasporan (rather than definitely traditional Ukrainian) patterns, but they are good for learning.  My nephew Nick makes the “Star” pysanka every year so that he can gauge his progress.

Simple Pysanky: Three (3) simple traditional pysanka patterns. Good for beginners.



Spiral PysankaRooster and pine branches pattern. A fairly easy pattern.


Star PysankaAnother fairly easy pattern with a traditional 8-pointed red star.



Advanced PysankaA more advanced pattern featuring a windmill motif.


Diasporan Design Sheets:  Below are links to three different design sheets from the 1960s, which I have converted to PDF form.  They were sheets I was given–and used–when I took pysanka classes at our church (St. Mary’s Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral). The
classes were taught by the Ukrainian Graduates of Detroit and Windsor, whose “Pysanka Committee” began teaching pysankarstvo in our area in 1951, and continued through the 1970s. Two of the sheets are signed by Martha Wichorek (and dated 1961); I suspect that the third may be her work as well.

I’ve also included two pages from a booklet by Martha Wichorek (“How to Make Ukrainian Pysanky,” 1975) which contain a few additional designs.

Design Sheet 1: Two step-by-step patterns, and three additional non-stepped designs

Design Sheet 2: Four step-by-step patterns

Design Sheet 3: Two step-by-step patterns, and eight non-stepped designs

Booklet 1: Step-by-step instructions (with text) for creating a star-type pysanka

Booklet 2: Four step-by-step patterns ranging from easy to moderate

Complete Set: Alternatively, rather than downloading each page separately, you can download a complete set. I’ve combined all five pages into a single pdf which you can download at this link.

Traditional PatternsOn the next page are a set of these are also step-by-step designs for making pysanky, but of traditional patterns from various regions of Ukraine.  I created them for teaching classes in Ukraine, but have used them here in the States as well, to give my students some idea of what sorts of pysanky their ancestors used to make.

There are 20 pysanky on 19 pages, from all regions of Ukraine. The text is in English.


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