Dyeing Problems:

Metallic Sheen

Problem:  Every once in a while you will dye your egg, and when you remove it from the dye and pat it dry you will notice a lovely golden sheen as in the egg above. This happens most often with Scarlet (UGS), Black (UGS) and Violet (Surma) dyes, but can occur with others, too. 

Cause:  The sheen is caused by the alignment of dye particles; if the dye layer is thicker than usual, and the dye molecules are lined up in one plane, they will reflect light back in such a manner. As Ginny Barkman wrote about metallic sheen in the old Eggs-Pysanky group (Post 22244):

Solution: no action is usually necessary.  The sheen will disappear with dyeing (a different color), or with application of a finish (e.g. varnish).  You should check to make sure there is enough water in your dye, as it can get lost by evaporation.  

Photo credit:  Susie Lanphear Bledsoe ©2019

  Dye Seepage        Light Color 

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