Dust Jacket


Shown below are the front and back of the dust jacket of the Binyashevsky book.  It is quite lovely, and utilizes the “Gypsy roads” motif as a background. 

On the front, the colors are the traditional red and black of the Gypsy roads pysanka.  The title of the book, «Українські писанки» (“Ukrainian pysanky”) is also in red and black, enclosed in a white egg.  The design is quite elegant.

The background of the back of the dust jacket is also the Gypsy roads motif, but the color shave been changed to gray and red.  In the upper left corner, you see the price: 2 крб. 18 коп. (2 karbovantsi, 18 kopiyky). 

As was common in Soviet times, the title was translated into multiple languages: English, German, Russian, French and possibly Italian.  Books of this sort were generally intended for export, rather than sale in the USSR, and would be shipped to Soviet shops throughout the world. 

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