Центральна Галичина

Central Halychyna


What Binyashevsky refers to as “Central Halychyna” probably covers the ethnographic areas of Roztochia (Lviv region and northern Ternopil oblast), Opillia (area southwest of Lviv) and Sokal (southern Volyn). 

The two top pysanky are definitely from the Sokal region, with their characteristic floral motifs. This regions borders Volyn proper and Roztochya, but is ethnographically quite distinct, with black embroidery and these unique pysanky.

The straightforward geometric designs are more characteristic of Roztochia.  The drop-pull design seems out of place here; this technique was generally practiced only by the Lemko people. (The Lemky were repatriated from Poland during the Wisla Action, and resettled throughout Ukraine.  One wonders if this might be the provenance of this pysanka.)

The last two pysanky are probably from Opillia.

  Northern Bukovyna        Zakarpattia
  Northern Bukovyna        Zakarpattia

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