Paper Snowflakes

Techniques: Folding


Steps 1 through 5 in the illustration above show how to fold a piece of paper in order to cut a six pointed snowflake.  This can be done with any size and any type of paper; for small ornamental snowflakes, though, the paper should be light and white (unlined).

I prepare my paper by cutting it into three inch squares (app.) using a paper cutter, as it is quicker than cutting by hand.  If you are only making a few snowflakes, cutting by hand is just a simple. don’t worry if your squares are not perfect, you will trim out the excess in the end.

STEP 1: start with a square of paper.

STEP 2: fold the square of paper in half diagonally, as shown. This will result in a small triangle.

STEP 3: take the triangle, and fold it in half again, as shown.

STEP 4: you now have a double folded triangle.  Set this triangle on the table, with the point towards you, and fold over the right side one third of the way across.  If you guess right, the

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Turning paper into snowflakes