Rhombs and Triangles


Rhombs (including squares and rectangles) and triangles are simple geometric motifs, and can be found on a variety of ancient Ukrainian artifacts.  They symbolized plowed fields.  “Dashed” versions (those with a fringe) could also symbolize rain.


The triangle is also one type of representation of the various trinities: in pagan times it symbolized the three elements (air, fire and water), the cycle of life (birth, life, death) or the family unit (mother, father, child), while in modern times it is taken to symbolize the Holy Trinity. 

Binyashevsky provides us with these examples of triangles from the Kyiv (left) and Poltava regions:


In the first two examples above, the triangles are the main motifs.  In the third, a storchova ruzha (ruzha on the ends of the egg) is the main design; the triangles form a secondary design in the central dividing band.

Triangles are also secondary motifs in these pysanky from Chernihiv (left, center) and Eastern Polissia:


Triangles form the actual division in the first two of these pysanky, from and , and are a simple, repetitive motif in the third pysanka form the Vinnytsia region.


Sorokoklyn       Tripod

Sorokoklyn       Tripod

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