I found the term “linyvky” on the web while surfing around, and felt it was a wonderful neologism. The name is derived from the Ukrainian word «лінивий» (linyvyi), which means “lazy” in Ukrainian.  These are truly the lazy man’s Easter Egg.

Linyvky are made with hard-boiled eggs (generally), either white or colored, and decorative stickers or decals are applied to the shell.

A modern, high tech version of linyvky is that which utilizes shrink-wrap technology.  The decorative plastic decals come in the form of a sleeve; as shown in the illustration below, sections are cut off of the sleeve and placed on individual eggs; these are then dipped in boiling water, where they shrink and conform to the shape of the egg.

A video of the process can be seen here:



There are several companies that make these egg sleeves, and they come in a variety of designs, ranging from traditional pysanka designs to religious, churches, children’s and floral designs. 

The photo below shows these egg-sleeve style linyvky, and well as an even older (and lazier) version–eggs with simple plastic stickers stuck onto them:


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“Lazy” Eggs