Pokuttia is the region that encompasses Kolomyia; it is an area of lowlands and foothills in the eastern corner of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. 

The pysanky from this region have a Hutsul influence, but are less complex for the most part.  The designs are strongly local; villages have their own styles and color combinations.  The background is always dark (brown or black), and the designs written with a limited number of colors. 

Below you see examples of three distinct styles from the region.  The first is strongly geometric, with much hatching, and the color scheme is white/yellow/brown.  The second is phytomorphic/curvilinear, with more orange and red, and the background is black.  Krapanka dots are used to add color. The third is geometric with a white/orange/green/black color scheme.

  Zakarpattia        Hutsul region
  Zakarpattia        Hutsul region

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