As I noted, there are drawbacks to working with brown eggs, especially if you want to add additional colors– odd coloration, difficulties with waxing.  I have found that wax doesn’t stick very well to a dyed brown egg; filling in is not a problem, but new lines and designs can fall off!  I discussed it at a bit of length on my blog.

I have found a few solutions: using red and black (red looks good as an intermediate color on brown egg pysanky), and not writing any fine lines or starting new designs in the red.  If, after dyeing the egg,  I wax in previously written areas, the wax seems to stick; it is only when I initiate new designs with red that the wax falls off.  So far, anyway.

Most of the pysanky here are of the “barylka” type; as there are a lot of them, I’ve put all of them here and none on the Barylka page.  The other types–sorokoklyn, diamond, and “other”–are shown in both galleries.  Star pysanky are all on the Star page, as almost all of them have red elements.


Brown & Red Eggs

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