I’ve made a lot of brown egg pysanky, and have placed the photos on a series of pages.  Below are descriptions of the groupings and links to the pages. Click on the pysanka to go to the page described.

A few additional brown egg pysanky can be found on my Australian page.  A collection of brown egg snowflake pysanky can be found here, among the snowflake pysanky. Brown egg pysanky from summer camp in Kolochava, 2009, can be found here.  And, lastly, have a look at my autumnal themed maple leaf pysanky.

Brown and Red:  brown egg pysanky of various designs which incorporate the color red into the pattern

Twelve Diamonds:  brown egg pysanky made using the difficult looking “Twelve Diamond division

Barrel:  a collection of brown egg pysanky that use the very traditional “barylka” division

Sorokoklyn:  variations upon the “ Forty Triangle” pysanka, with various multiples of 48 triangles incorporated into the designs

Stars:  brown egg pysanky which incorporate the most popular Ukrainian pysanka motif, the (eight pointed) star

Snowflakes: brown egg pysanky which are decorated with snowflake motifs.  There are nontraditional, and my own designs.

Other: a miscellany of brown egg pysanky that just don’t fit any of the other categories

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Brown Egg Pysanky