Kuban region


The Kuban region lies in the northern Caucuses region, along the valley of the Kuban River.  It was settled by ethnic Ukrainians in the 18th century, and governed by the Black Sea kozaks.  In 1918 an independent Kuban National Republic was declared, and an attempt was made to unite Kuban with the rest of Ukraine.  It was incorporated into the USSR as part of the Russian SFSR, and since the break-up of the USSR has been part of Russia.  A rebirth of Ukrainian and kozak nationalism is underway, with the Ukrainian language being taught again in schools.

Pysanky from this region are fairly geometric, and the color scheme is white/red/black.  The lines are bold, and symbols are ancient and pagan. The pysanka on the left was taken from Elyjiw’s stamps  a traditional eight-pointed ruzha (sun) motif. The one on the right bears a berehynia.


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