Kyiv region


The pysanky on this page are representative examples of those traditionally made in the Kyiv region (Greater Ukraine: Middle Prydniprovia, aka Middle Dnipro/Dnieper region).

The first pysanka pictured is an odd-looking egg, and it is not really a pysanka as such; rather, it is a ceramic majolica egg from the 10th to 11th century, and was manufactured in the Kyiv region.

The rest of the pysanky are fairly simple, and have one of three color schemes: red and black with or without yellow/gold, or yellow/gold, red, and green.

The names do not always describe the pysanky well. The pysanka labelled “Ram’s horns”  looks floral to me (what was referred to as a «тульпан» or tulip, but which is usually just an imaginary flower given an exotic name), “Magpies” appears to be a svarha/swastika, and the “Sunflower” is an obvious berehynia motif.

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