Peremyshl region


Peremyshl is another of Ukraine’s “lost” regions. It is also known as “Posiannia” or “Nadsiannia” after the Sya’ river (San), which runs through it. This largely Ukrainian ethnic territory became part of Poland after WWII.  Like the Lemky, the Ukrainian inhabitants of this region were “repatriated” or resettled in the 1940s, including during Operation Wisła.

The main city of Peremyshl lies only 12 kilometers from the current Ukrainian-Polish border, but few Ukrainians remain in the area.  Countless ruins of traditional Ukrainian Catholic churches dot the countryside still.

Most other books describe pysanky of this region as being similar to the linear batik pysanky of the Boiko people. Binyashevsky includes what appears to be a drop-pull style pysanky.


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