Pidliashia is another of Ukraine's “lost” regions.  It lies along the Polish-Ukrainian border to the west of Volyn’, and north of the Kholm region.  In Polish it is known as Podlasie, but often referred to by the Latin “Podlachia.”  Prior to hegemony by the modern Polish state, the area was the confluence of Polish, Ukrainian, Belarus, Jewish and Lithuanian culture.  It was the northwestern-most extension of Ukrainian settlement.

As with other ethnically Ukrainian regions now under Poland, most of the Ukrainian inhabitants were deported and resettled after WWII by the Polish authorities.

Pysanky from this region are geometric, and design is largely linear in nature.  The motifs can be quite detailed, but there is little coloring in, and the number of colors is limited.  Pysanky from this region usually have brightly colored backgrounds.  The two examples below were taken from Elyjiw’s stamps.

  Peremyshl region        Kholm region
  Peremyshl region        Kholm region

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