Easter Eggs

By the Dozens!

Author:  Rhonda Massingham Hart

Edition:  1st

Format: Large format softcover

Pages:  106         

Language:  English

Illustrations:   B&W drawings

Publisher:  Storey Communications, Inc. (Pownal, Vermont, 1992)

Availability:  Amazon (used)

Acquired:  Borders Bookstore

ISBN:  0-88266-808-0

I bought this book back in the nineties, when my nieces and nephew were still quite young––a bit too young to make pysanky, too young to trust with candle flames and molten wax.  I was looking for egg decorating ideas beyond those that Paas had to offer.  This book gave me that––and much more.

Although this books is aimed at children, it is interesting–and useful––even for adults. It proves once again that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, as it is full of good explanations of egg decorating techniques from the simple to the sublime. 

There are lots of ideas that are good for young children: cheat pysanky, batik, rubber band eggs, sponging, yarn eggs and fake Faberge.  I liked the decoupage eggs, and made a whole set with my nieces and nephew which they still hang on their Easter tree each year.  There are even instructions for “Paper Punch Critters.”

For adults and older kids there are instructions for pysanky, including making your own natural dyes, krapanky, dryapanky and lystovanky.  You can also learn how to make wax embossed eggs and drop-pull pysanky, as well as many,many other techniques.

It is a great little book for those who wish to explore egg decorating techniques beyond the basic pysanka.

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