Секрети Писанкарства

Secrets of Pysankarstvo

Author:  Світлана Борисенко (Svitlana Borysenko)

Edition:  1st

Format:  Accordion folio

Pages:  30          

Language:  Ukrainian

Illustrations:  Many, color

Publisher:  Mala Akademia (Ivanofrankivs’k, Ukraine, 2008)

Availability:  eBay

Acquired: Gift from Author

This little accordion folded booklet is a cute item which would make a nice little gift for younger children who might be interested in pysankarstvo. It consists of another cover which is opened with a slip tab.  Inside are are two printed and folded strips of heavy gauge paper. The first one (18 pages) describes the process of writing a pysanka in verse:

The second (12 pages) gives examples of traditional symbols found on pysanky, along with some tiny photos of pysanky:

It is a cute, but not serious item.  I can’t see it replacing a nice children’s pysanka book, but it might make a suitable gift for a child who might be interested in the subject.

(Note: I have two version of this item, and the first–the one with the girl on the cover–may be an earlier version, with only 28 pages and much larger type.)

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