Author:  Світлана Борисенко (Svitlana Borysenko)

Edition: 1st

Format:  Coloring book

Pages:  10          

Language:  Ukrainian

Illustrations:  Yes

Publisher:  Мала Академіа (Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ukraine, 2007)

AvailabilityBravo Pysanka (Ukrwest Ltd.)

Acquired:  Gift from the author

This is a very nice little coloring book produced in Ukraine in the usual Ukrainian format–small (app. 6 x 8 inches).  Inside are pages for coloring, each facing a colored page to show the “correct1” result:

The back cover is informative– it gives a very basic description of the symbolism of the colors and motifs:

These books were produced by Bravo Pysanka in Toronto, and are probably available in Ukrainian shops in Canada.  If you are interested, it might be worthwhile to contact Bravo directly and enquire.


  1. 1.Ukrainian society really, really values those who can color within the lines.  Individuality and creativity have never been stressed in the school environment, at least since Soviet times, although that may be changing a bit now.  Children are taught the proper way to draw things, with their teachers often helping them and “correcting” mistakes.  One of the hardest parts of the “Hearts for Art” tour was getting the staff at the internaty to allow the children to be creative instead of making us “perfect” copies of drawings of storybook and cartoon characters.

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Pysanka (Coloring Book)