Goddess Embroideries of Eastern Europe

Author:  Mary B. Kelly

Edition:  1st

Format:  large format paperback

Pages:  215           

Language:  English

Illustrations:  Color and BW

PublisherNorthland Press of Winona (March 10, 1996)

Availability:  Out of print, Amazon

Acquired:  Amazon


This book is an interesting exploration of the goddess in Eastern European history and handcrafts.  Mary Kelly first finds goddess symbols in embroideries in the Ukrainian Museum in New York; these pique her interest, and she explores Eastern Europe to track down further examples.

The berehynia in Ukrainian embroidery

The berehynia in Ukrainian pysankarstvo

An interesting read, and it was one of the books that piqued my interest in the Berehynia, and her representations in Ukrainian folk art.

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