Washed eggs drying on a dish towel

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

–  Benjamin Franklin

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

   –  Louis Pasteur

“Be prepared!”

  –  Scout motto

It is so much easier to do anything if you’ve prepared properly.  Before starting to make pysanky it is best if you have studied up on the technique a bit (i.e. read instructions and perhaps watched a video or demonstration), chosen a pattern, gathered your supplies, and prepared your work area and eggs.

In this section, the subjects covered include all of the following:

                    Gather Supplies

                    Prepare a Work Space

                    Work Surface

                    Preparing Dyes            

                    Selecting and Preparing Eggs

                            Inspecting Eggs

                            Cleaning Eggs

                            Storing Eggs

                            Emptying Eggs

                            Sealing Eggs

                            Handling Eggs

                    Select a Design

                            Traditional Designs

                            Non-Traditional Designs

                    Fire Safety


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