Символічна Мова Писанок

The Symbolic Language of the Pysanka

Author:  Oksana Bilous (Оксана Білоус)

Edition: 2nd

Format:  spiral bound booklet

Pages: 44           

Language:  Ukrainian

Illustrations: line art and photos of pysanky

Publisher: «Ар’я» (Kyiv, 2012)

Availability:  yes

Acquired:  from author

ISBN:  978-966-2462-86-9

The full title of this booklet is «Символічна мова писанок: від кам’яної доби до сьогодення» or “The Symbolic Language of the Pysanka: From the Stone Age to Today.” It is a second edition of the loose leaf folio she published previously; the material from what was one page before has been rearranged over two smaller pages.  The author has added several pages on creation myths from various cultures.

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