(Ukrainian: Волинь) is the region in western Ukraine located between the rivers Pripyat and Western Buh – to the north of Halychyna and of Podillya – and is the site of one of the oldest Slavic settlements in Europe.  But it is more than that – it is an ancient culture with its own dialect, customs, beliefs and folkways. In this section I hope to address some aspects of this beautiful land.

Historical Volyn (sometimes also referred to as “Volhynia”) was carved up by the Soviets, and now forms parts of sіх modern Ukrainian oblasts (Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky and Lviv), as well as parts of Poland (Chełm/Kholm) and Belarus. Major cities include Lutsk, Kovel, Kremenets, Rivne and Volodymyr-Volynskyi.

Volyn, in the northwest corner of Ukraine

On the following pages is some historic and ethnographic information about the region, a discussion of the pysanky of Volyn and their symbolism, and a gallery of albums of traditional Volynian pysanky.

The pages in this section are as follows:

About Volyn

        Culture and ethnography

        Maps and History

About Volynian Pysanky

        Pysanky of Volyn

        My Sources

        Pattern Sheet

        Olena Pchilka, ethnographer

        Pysanky in the Lviv Ethnographic Museum

        Kulzhynsky Plates

        “Rocznik Wolynski”

                Pysanky with Ruzhi Motifs

                Plant and Agricultural Motifs 1

                Plant and Agricultural Motifs 2

                Pysanky with Animal Motifs

              Pysanky with Scevomorphic Motifs

                Pysanky from the Liuboml Region 1

                Pysanky from the Liuboml Region 2

                Pysanky from the Liuboml Region 3

Traditional Pysanka Galleries


        Erast Binyashevsky

        Odarka Onyshchuk

        Sofiyka Zielyk

        Zenon Elyjiw

        “Volynian Pysanka”

        Sister Veronica

        Vira Manko

        Other Sources 

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